The dream of establishing an organisation fully owned by Nigerians that will be a key player in consulting, civil and marine engineering, real estate and design was realised with the emergence of bamah Nissi. The company possesses multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities spanning each divisional resource designed to meet and exceed all our clients’ project expThe company has core competencies in the following:
Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility Studies Power Development
Project Appraisals and Conceptualization
Project Identification and Preparation
Project Plan Preparation
Budgeting and Cost Analysis
Project Site and Soil Analysis
Hydro and Thermal Power Plants
Transmission and Communication
Control and Communication
Energy and Economic Studies
Solar Energy Utilization
Engineering Construction Strategic Project Planning
Residential Complexes
Eductaional and Industrial Building
Medical and Institutional Buildings
Hotels and Public Structures
Corporate Office Structures
High-level Security Construction
Sports and Recreational facilities
Landscape Design/Implementation
Survey and Mapping
Land Use Planning
Master Planning
Urban Planning
Town and Regional Planning
Cadestral and Zoning Maps
Environmental Planning
Project Management Interiors
Preliminary Studies and Planning
Design and Approval Planning
Construction Management
Quantity Surveying
Cost Management and Control
Operations and Maintenance
Project-Specific Training
Security Systems
Detection Systems
Water/Marine Engineering Highways/Structural Engineering
Water Supply and Treatment
Ground Water Exploration
Conservation Studies
Industrial and Domestic Distribution
Roads and Bridges
Transport Planning
Traffic Engineering
Air and Ground Surveys
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