At Bamah Nissi, we believe that good HSE performance is an integral part of efficient and profitable business management. We will therefore be guided by the following principles:

* HSE is of equal importance as other business activities.
* No activity shall be carried out unless it is considered safe.
* Safeguarding the health and safety of all employees, contractors and third parties.
* Striving to minimize the impact of activities on the environment.
* Maintaining good relationships with host communities and all stakeholders.
* Strive to enhance security of life and equipment.

In the implementation of this policy, Bamah Nissi will observe the following:

* All staff must undergo induction training on their first day of work. This will be enhanced and reinforced through daily toolbox meetings.
* All equipment to be deployed to site must be certified.
* All technical personnel shall be certified to possess appropriate professional competence.
* All key operations shall be subjected to hazard analysis and appropriate controls shall be implemented during execution.
* Plans and procedures shall be in place to respond to any emergency or loss of control.
* Scheduled Audits, inspections, drills for emergency preparedness and other programs as a continuous machinery for identifying hazards, unsafe acts and conditions at the work place shall be carried out.
* Rewards and sanctions scheme will be introduced to ensure compliance with safety and health rules, regulations and safe work practices.

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